A Festival Virgin's Guide...

is the leading handbook for filmmakers and film industry professionals looking to attend the Cannes Film Festival for the first time. Demystifying the event and providing practical advice for attending, Cannes - A Festival Virgin's Guide is about helping you make the most of your visit to the world's most famous film festival.

Packaged as a handy travel-sized book, Cannes - A Festival Virgin's Guide walks you through the city, the festival, and the business of Cannes, examining all of the details that are necessary to make your trip a resounding success. The book also includes a series of interviews with a group of Cannes veterans from across the industry, and six appendices of contacts and useful information. At nearly 240 pages, the fifth edition of Cannes - A Festival Virgin's Guide is the most detailed festival guidebook yet!

Authors For Authors
These seminars are a push to help authors make more of a living from their hard work. You get a great book, they get to sell 100 copies or more at once. We all get a great night out that is as informative as it is entertaining.

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The Cannes Film Festival and Film Market, in the South of France in May, is the nerve centre and party event of the film business in the western world - it’s just over a week long and EVERYONE who is ANYONE in the movie business is there... so WHY aren’t you there?

This fabulous seminar is run by Benjamin Craig, who runs www.cannesguide.com and is the author of the Virgins Guide To
Cannes, which is now in its 5th edition. Unlike other seminars on Cannes that are just fun stories from the Croisette, about how ‘we all got drunk and fell off the boat...’ Ben’s event is both detailed and structured, giving YOU all the knowledge you need to get there and make the most of this awesome festival and market that is so critical to your success...

Ben’s seminar will offer detailed, practical and pragmatic techniques and tips so that YOU can maximise your impact and minimise your spend. It truly is the best 15 you can spend before you go to
Cannes - and hey, if you don’t come on this seminar and get the skinny on how to ‘do Cannes’, you could easily blow 15 on a glass of Coke!

And don’t think that Cannes is just for producers and directors, the savvy actors, writers, editors, DP’s and other crew members are all there too, rubbing shoulders with the power players and making new relationships that can lead to amazing new opportunities.

Remember, all active Sales Agents and Distributors who could handle your film, are concentrated within half a square mile for ten days. If you want your film to have any chance of success, YOU NEED TO GO TO CANNES!

All attendees of this seminar will also get Ben’s best selling guide to Cannes, which normally sells for 13.95 (see column to the left).

The seminar will be held on March 20th 2007 (kick off at 7.00pm) at Ealing Studios and will be followed by the usual networking. As ever, drinks and snacks will also be available. The cost of the course is 15, which includes Ben’s book for free (yes he will sign it too). If you already have this book, we can substitute the Sundance Guide Ben also wrote (please let us know BEFORE the event). Note - if you do not attend and collect your book on the night, a 5 handling and postage charge will be levied to forward it to you.

And whether you come on the course or not, we suggest you take a look at Ben's site which is crammed with free Cannes information... www.cannesguide.com

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